Dr. Ro Garriott, DACM, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.

Dr. Ro Garriott, DACM, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.

Waleli Wellness, Inc. was founded by Dr. Ro Garriott, doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine (DACM).  As a doctoral fellow at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (San Diego, CA) Dr. Ro completed her internship at a family medicine practice in Meridian, ID for her focus in integrative medicine, while maintaining her specialty and base philosophy and practice in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).  Her other internships over the course of 8 years included the world-renowned Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego, CA.   At Rady Children's, Dr. Ro was part of the Integrative Medicine Team, where her skills were most valuable in helping young patients deal with the effects of chemotherapy, side effects of western medications and the symptoms of various cancers.  Her other internships included clinics in areas of speciality such as women's health, mental health, diabetes, dermatology, pediatrics, geriatrics and pain management.

Waleli Wellness utilizes integrative healing modalities, melding both Eastern traditional therapies with Western biomedicine therapies and lab work in the healthcare field.  Her education and experience in both Eastern and Western medicine serves her community well and makes her practice a rare, sought after gem in the Treasure Valley by patients looking for a more well-rounded, inclusive healthcare experience. Dr. Ro also spends more time with patients (at least an hour per visit, with the first appointments being 2 hrs. long) which is unheard of in Western medical offices today.  TCM is a full medical system whose practitioners are taught to review ALL systems for a complete snapshot of the patient's constitution and/or areas of deficiency.  This is why so much time is spent with each patient.

 Dr. Ro also currently counsels clients in nutrition, clean diet and lifestyle management, and proudly sells her all natural wellness products.   Her skincare products originally designed for eczema patients and those with sensitive skin & Dr. Ro's herbal liniment ( Miracle Juice) used by athletes for aching muscles and pre/post-workout muscle tenderness are some of her top selling, all-natural product that she originally developed for patients who could not find what they needed anywhere else .  Arthritis patients have also raved about the efficacy of her herbal liniment.  Dr. Ro has already helped hundreds of patients over the past 10 years to reach their wellness goals in the following areas:

skin disorders

digestive disorders


acute and chronic pain management


stress management and reduction

women's health (i.e. eradicate menopause symptoms)

autoimmune disorders


undiagnosed issues and symptoms (Western medicine didn't have an answer) that have been successfully treated in Chinese medicine

Fun Facts About Waleli Wellness and the Origins of the Name

Dr. Ro’s practice was given the name, “Waleli,” Wellness which was the name she was given by a Native elder in her younger, formative years. It means “hummingbird” in Cherokee and has duel meaning for Dr. Ro. Dr. Ro is 1/2 Native American from her mother’s side (Eastern Cherokee, Cohari, Tuscarora and Lumbee). The other 1/2 is Swiss-German from her father’s side.

The hummingbird is the animal who brought healing to the Cherokee people. Healing can happen through many different mediums. Music is one of them. Dr. Ro is also a musician. You can find her many days singing and harmonizing to the songs on the radio — singing all the time like the hummingbird! She was also a nationally-ranked track and field pentathlete (16th fastest woman in the United States in 1991). Often times, you will see her zipping around the office like a hummingbird. However, she also can focus in an instant on your needs and turn direction quickly as needed (like her hummingbird namesake) to get to the root of your issue(s). So the name became very fitting for Dr. Ro, as well as for her healing practice. Dr. Ro also grew up using Native herbs and alternative healing methods, so the study of Chinese medicine came naturally to her as she continued healing family members and friends around her.

Dr. Ro now enjoys learning about the medicines used in Jesus’ days and those listed in the Bible that are actually used in Chinese medicine today, such as frankincense and myrrh (a.k.a. mo yao and ru xiang in Chinese). Dr. Ro also believes in the power of prayer and prays for all of her patients, no matter their religious background or belief system, as she believes it is Jesus Christ who allows her to do what she does. He is the Great Physician and the greatest inspiration in her personal and professional life. If you would like Dr. Ro to pray with you during one of your visits, just ask…she would be happy to and considers it an honor to do so.