The Waleli Way Beauty Method™


“Beauty can be found in everyone. Sometimes a patient just needs help getting the body to recognize and magnify that inner glow that was there all along.”

- Dr. Ro,

Waleli Wellness

The Waleli Way Beauty Method™ follows the Waleli Wellness Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living philosophy* with a customized, natural and holistic plan for each patient, utilizing the following treatments and modalities:

- Gua Sha (Face) Lift

- Cupping (Facial) Cleanse

- Gua Sha / Cupping Cellulite Management (Lower Body)

- Cutaneous (Micro) Needling / Collagen Induction Therapy

- Chinese Herbal Facial

- Chinese Herbal Clay Masque (Hands/Feet)

- Chinese Facial Massage

- Skin-Based Nutrition Education

- Acupuncture Treatments Based on Skin Pathology

- FAR Infrared Heat Therapy

*No fillers, Botox, injections of harsh chemicals of any kind are EVER used at Waleli Wellness in any of our therapies or in our products. As with any TCM therapy or modality, the goal is to balance yin and yang and boost your body’s natural healing and energy mechanisms (i.e. immune system, collagen and elastin cellular matrix generation, ATP production, hormonal balance and metabolism).