Gladys - AGE 86, Incontinence /  Diabetic Nerve Pain

" Dr. Ro was such a help to me when I was dealing with incontinence, which isn't an easy topic to discuss with strangers.  However, Dr. Ro was so easy to talk to.  She made me feel comfortable and at ease and also helped me with my diabetic nerve pain.  I saw her every week, once a week, when she was an intern in San Diego.  I wish I could still see her at her new clinic in Idaho.  If you have not yet seen her, you don't know how lucky you are to have her.  If you see her now, you already know how blessed you are to have her on your side.  She helped me so much.  I was always on a waiting list to see her, but she always made sure to get me in.  I wish her the best in her new practice. " 

Alena - Age 30, Insomnia / Digestion Issues / Nightmares

" I started seeing Dr. Ro for insomnia.  After the very first treatment, I went home and slept better than I had ever slept before!  I continued to see her to help with stress, as my job seemed to keep me up a lot.  When I did sleep, I would have nightmares. I also had some digestion and bloating issues, but Dr. Ro's advice and treatments helped me to overcome ALL of those issues.  Thank you, Dr. Ro!  You are the best!"

Christine - Age 25 Eczema / Depression

"I am a dancer and have suffered with eczema all my life.  When I first I met Dr. Ro, my self-esteem was lower than it had ever been and I became depressed.  I felt like I was unattractive to my boyfriend because of the horrible itching that would keep me up at night and cause me to scratch myself which would leave bumps and large patches of dry, bleeding, red skin.  I had to put lots of make-up on my skin to cover the patches during shows, competitions and performances.  All other doctors I had seen, including an expensive dermatologist, did nothing for me but drain my bank account.  

I made an appointment with Dr. Ro as a last resort.  She went over my diet and lifestyle in detail and asked me questions that at the time, seemed odd.  She had me go off gluten for 3 months, while treating me with herbs.  She even helped me with my shopping list so I could still have pizza, which I love (without gluten, of course).  Within just WEEKS, my eczema cleared up.  She gave me back my confidence and my self-esteem -- she gave me back MY LIFE.  I now sleep soundly and my eczema has not returned.  I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Ro.  Go see her.  You won't be disappointed!"