The Sauna Relaxation Experience at Waleli Wellness


The Sauna Relaxation Experience at Waleli Wellness


The sauna/relaxation room includes cool cloths for the face, lemon, cucumber or lemon/mint/cucumber water with electrolytes after your session, complimentary hydrosols (flower water) for the face for your use and a peaceful water fountain for added relaxation and soothing ambiance.  Relax in our zero-gravity chairs before, during or after your session and choose a theme for relaxation (i.e. babbling brook, ocean waves, thunderstorm, summer night sounds or white noise) as the whole room is yours. There is also a private changing area in the room, as well, for your use.   

The sauna itself includes a built-in CD player, mp3 auxillary, usb port, sd connection and 2 speakers for your listening enjoyment.  There is also interior color therapy (chromotherapy) lighting system.

We ask our guests to either wear a wrap-around towel, bathing suit, or shorts and t-shirt while in the sauna. 

  Note: Sandals or flip-flops must be worn in the sauna, or a towel should be placed down under your feet. 

To Book Your Appointment: You can either pay online here, or call the clinic at: 208.614.1640. Please wait for a confirmation e-mail or call for your appointment time.

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You must fill out a waiver form stating that you have read and understand any risks, complications or contraindications with certain health issues or illnesses.  You will see this form during the check-out process on this site (this can be filled out online if you book through Waleli Wellness, and with your practitioner beforehand, otherwise). 


NOTE: All Preventative Care Members at Waleli Wellness can book the sauna sessions and any sauna rental items to get your reduced rate in the usual appointment system.