Intro. to Tai Chi Class (1 class per week, monthly)


Intro. to Tai Chi Class (1 class per week, monthly)


This is an introductory course to Tai Chi Chuan (Yang Short Form, Cheng Man-ch’ings Teaching).    This class is FREE for Waleli Wellness Preventative Care Members. The drop-in rate (unregistered) is $20.00 per class.  Check the Events Calendar for dates and times.

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Want to know more about the history of Tai Chi (Chuan) and Qi Gong and how it can benefit you? Watch this video before your first class!

Want to see an example of Yang Short Form, 1st 3rd, (Cheng Man-Ch’ing) and what you will be learning ? Click here.

Don’t know what to wear or bring for the first class? If you paid online, no payment required! If you will be “dropping in,” cash only payments are accepted ($20 for a drop in class).

Attire: Please wear loose-fitting pants or shorts (i.e. yoga pants or pants or shorts that allow you to easily bend your knees or touch your toes). Wear comfortable shoes or once you arrive, no shoes at all). Your top should allow your arms to bend freely and allow you to turn side-to-side without impingement or tightness.

See you soon!

Be well.