Welcome Back! 

This appointment will only be 60 minutes. Now we have a plan after the first appointment. You’ve done some homework by now and possibly have seen some progress. We’re rolling up our sleeves and getting to work. You are empowered!



Therapies based on your diagnosis and prognosis plan could include:

  • acupuncture

  • cupping

  • moxibustion

  • heat therapy

  • tuina (Chinese medical massage)

  • gua sha

  • ROM exercises

  • herbal medicine

  • lifestyle counseling

  • eligibility for Community Acupuncture


Regular Rates
$112 - $177 depending on diagnosis and treatment plan

20% off seniors, active U.S. military or U.S. veterans and students

Member Pricing
40% off all regular acupuncture treatments,

  • 10% off all herbal formulas and Waleli Wellness products,

  • FREE classes, instruction videos

  • unlimited use of FAR infrared sauna**

  • See practitioner for details

    * must be paying $45 a month or more as a member for unlimited sauna use