first visit / New patient

This visit includes extensive patient history and examination, diagnosis, acupuncture and/or relevant treatments,  lifestyle review (nutritional, dietary, stress-reduction, breathing and physical exercise), recommendations and individualized wellness instruction / therapy as needed for the mind, body and spirit.  Instruction (video or written) and patient education will also be given after your appointment if needed, via e-mail and phone.

Rates Per Visit: $142 - $212 (variables based on diagnosis and treatment plan)

 (20% off for Seniors and Veterans at every visit)

**NOTE** This appointment can be booked for one 120 min visit (2 hrs. with treatment included), or two 60 min. / 1 hr. visits (treatment at second visit for those with limited time).

return visits & established patients


Package plans for established patients


monthly preventative care plan 

After an initial visit and consultation, you will be given a treatment plan and scheduled follow up visits to evaluate your progress.  Established patients with acute issues can schedule as needed.  Package plans are available for those with chronic issues who need more visits (4 or more).  A monthly membership is also available for family plans and reduced rates as part of  our preventative care package.  Massage and Acupuncture Packages are only available for return patients.

Rates Per Visit: $112 - $157  (variables based on diagnosis and treatment plan)

 (20% off for Seniors and Veterans at every visit)

*Special Package Plans for Established Patients (this includes diagnostic evaluation, acupuncture and tui na (Chinese medical massage):

4 sessions: $392.96 (30% savings off regular price of avg. treatment plan)

8 session:$729.76 (35% savings off regular price of avg. treatment plan)

*full payment due at first appointment for package plans.  Appointments must be scheduled within 6 months of purchase  and within same year of purchase (or whichever comes first).

Preventative Care Package (Members Only): $35 a month for membership ($10 per each additional family member a month) to receive 40% off ALL office visits and treatments for one year, PLUS...


  • FREE entry to fee based classes (i.e. tai chi, qi gong, lifestyle classes (nutrition / exercise / stress reduction)
  • FREE instruction videos
  • 10% off all supplements, products and herbal prescriptions

Also includes the following for prices listed below (schedule online under  "members only"):

  • Tui Na Medical Massage ($35 -  20 minute visit) 
  • Pediatric Gua Sha / Tui Na (pediatric massage and therapy - $35 - 20 min. visit)
  • Cupping - ($45.00 - 20 min.)
  • Members Only Discount prices for Sauna/Relaxation Room

* must agree to terms.  See practitioner for details.  Membership runs for 1 yr. from date of purchase with option to renew on anniversary date.  Payments made monthly. Other monthly specials and offers outside of the Preventative Care Package are not included.

Special consults

& Services

Herbal Consult: $100

Nutritional / Supplement Consult: $100

20 Minute Chinese Medical (Chair) Massage: $45

Phone Consults:

  • FREE (15 minutes)
  • $100 (30 minutes)

Video Conferencing:

  • call for quote


Please note:  we do not take insurance, but we do provide Superbills (itemized bills that can be turned in to your insurance company for possible reimbursement). Some insurance companies will pay based on the codes seen on these bills.  They also require that acupuncture treatments be itemized in increments of 15 minutes on your bill, even though your acupuncture treatment will ALWAYS be longer than 15 minutes.  Please let us know if you have any questions.