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Tuina or Chinese medical massage, offers a therapeutic massage that goes beyond just a “feel good” massage that releases endorphins, although you get that, too! Get ready to feel both relaxed AND invigorated. Don’t think about how that can be — your body will know how to handle it. Just relax and get ready to get rid of that knot that hasn’t met the likes of a Chinese medical massage! From head to toe, let the pain go!



Patient begins facedown for the treatment of the scalp, shoulders, upper back, mid and lower back, hands, fingers, arms, legs, hips, thighs, calves, feet and toes.

Patient turns over for scalp, heated face massage and lymphatic drainage (great for allergy sufferers), deep neck muscles (scalenes), shoulders, arms, palms, fingers, legs, feet. Traction is used as well as acupressure along meridians and specific points, gua sha, tuina and qi gong breathing. Tuina offers long strokes, rolling, grasping and kneading techniques.


  • Regular Pricing
    $100 for 60 minutes Chinese medical massage

  • $50 for focused 30 minute massage

  • Member Pricing
    40% off regular pricing

  • See practitioner for details