The Healer / Patient Partnership

I have studied medicine now for many years.  In the beginning, one might learn the medicine simply because he or she desire to help others.  The late night study sessions, loss of sleep, countless tests, pages and pages of memorization, and new knowledge gained is only a fraction of what you will come to value most.  What I have come to find, is that I actually begin to learn more about life, as I learn from my patients.  I learn about their struggles, their hardships, their victories, their gains, and with each person who walks through my door, their experiences become a part of my reality whether the impact is great or small.  At some point, we come to an unspoken realization that our relationship is mutually beneficial.  And sometimes when I think I am the healer that day, a patient says something or does something that heals my heart just as much...or maybe even MORE.

I thought that as a parent I would be the teacher of my child in every situation in our relationship. However, I have come to find that he actually teaches me much more than I ever could had imagined.  Sometimes we heal by giving.  Sometimes we heal by receiving.  

So if I am lucky enough to know you, if I am blessed enough to call you, 'patient,' know that I take our relationship very seriously and that I know you could have chosen anyone to care for your needs.  I am most honored and blessed that you chose me.

Our relationship is a partnership.  I truly believe a big part of the patient healing or reaching their health goals, is by knowing that we must be partners in reaching those goals together.  Sometimes it takes a little bit more on my part, and sometimes it takes a little bit more on yours.  But once we have the formula right, we become a well-oiled machine on the road to success.

There is nothing that excites me more than to see patients reach their health and wellness goals and in the case of health and wellness, it takes at least two to tango.  Be well! <3

Ro GarriottComment