The Ultimate Sauna-Relaxation Room Experience

Our sauna is within a relaxation room dedicated to YOU for a complete relaxation experience. The sauna/relaxation room includes cool cloths for the face, lemon, cucumber or lemon/mint/cucumber water with electrolytes after your session, and complimentary hydrosols (flower water) .   There will also be complimentary towels for your use and a private changing area.  

The sauna itself also includes a built-in CD player, mp3 auxillary, USB port, sd connection and 2 speakers for your listening enjoyment.  There is also interior color therapy (chromotherapy) lighting system that you can control (on or off).  Relax in our zero-gravity chairs before, during or after your session, as the WHOLE room is yours for any 30 or 60 minute session!  You can also choose a theme: thunderstorm, ocean waves, babbling brook or rain for the room ambiance to start you on your way to complete relaxation, while enjoying the soft waterfall from our fountain, warm candle light and floating Chinese lanterns on the ceiling.  White patterned chiffon delicately dances with the Chinese lanterns above, keeping the room inviting, warm and cozy.  Float away with your favorite music in the sauna, or relax to the sounds of nature in our relaxation room.  It's your choice while it's your room! There's no other room like it in the valley!  You can book the room for up to 3 people or book it just for yourself!

You must fill out a waiver form stating that you have read and understand any risks, complications or contraindications with certain health issues or illnesses (this can be filled out online if you book through Waleli Wellness, and with your practitioner beforehand, otherwise).


Single Day/Person Sauna-Relaxation Experience

Sessions:  10 or 30 minutes

Please see our practitioner to schedule, or purchase from our Wellness Store line, here.  Preventative Care Members please see Dr. Ro to schedule for your reduced rate.


Sauna-Relaxation Room Package Experience

These plans can be purchased in increments of (5) sessions, (10) sessions and (20) 30 minute sessions.  They expire 12 months after purchase if not used.  Please see practitioner or contact Waleli Wellness to schedule.  You can purchase from the Wellness Store here or at the clinic.


Friend(ly) Sweats in the Sauna/Relaxation Experience

The sauna fits 1-3 people (2 comfortably).  You can save by purchasing the "Friendly Sweat" option, which lets you pay for one person full price (30-60 min. sessions) and 1/2 off the regular price for each additional person.  Please see practitioner or contact Waleli Wellness to schedule.  You can purchase from the Wellness Store here or at the clinic.  Preventative Care Members, please schedule on your usual appointment/booking page so you can receive your membership discount.