Don’t Sweat it…or in this case, please DO!

Whether it’s time to boost your vitamin D levels without the bad ultraviolet rays, lower blood pressure, lose weight, improve sleep, invigorate the skin or release and get rid of toxins and stress, the infrared sauna is ready to oblige.



30 minute sauna. Towels, lemon, cucumber or mint water provided, as well as fruit.

Relax to your favorite music or nature sounds or BOTH (provided by Waleli Wellness or bring your own)!

Wear shorts and a top, a bathing suit, or nothing at all. The whole private relaxation room and sauna is yours for 30 minutes.

Please just make sure your feet are either on a towel or covered with flip-flops. All skin needs to have a towel barrier between you and the wood of the sauna. Feel free to take a few moments to relax in our zero-gravity chairs after your sauna treatment.


  • Regular Pricing
    $45 for 30 minutes

  • $65 for unlimited visits for the month

  • Member Pricing
    40% off for the $35 a month plan or FREE unlimited for the $45 a month plan

  • (see practitioner for details)