Community - More Than Ourselves

There’s something healing about being a part of a community. It brings us the feeling that we are not alone in our struggles OR our victories. In China, you can find many clinics that treat patients in one large room. Sometimes the treatment tables or chairs are separated by curtains and other times, people sit almost shoulder-to-shoulder with co-workers, friends, family and strangers. Never had acupuncture? This is a good way to try it for the first time in a less formal setting. Have a chronic issue? This is one way to continue treatments more often at a very affordable price.

Cancelation Policy: Please do not cancel within 24 hours of your appointment or you will be charged a $50 cancelation fee. “No Shows” will be charged automatically. We understand emergencies happen. Please call the clinic to cancel if it’s less than 24 hour notice. Thank you!



Community acupuncture includes distal points (from elbows / knees down) and does not require disrobing. Please make sure you can move long sleeves up over elbows and pants above knees. An initial New Patient appointment is recommended before your community acupuncture treatment(s), as diagnosis is not part of Community Acupuncture, or billing to insurance. No other services outside of acupuncture are offered in the community setting. Paperwork must be filled out beforehand, as discussion of medical information is limited in the community room in order to protect patient privacy. If a more in-depth treatment or conversation is needed, please visit our First Visit / New Patient page to book an appointment.

Rates and Schedule

Offered every Thursday between 1-2pm

Regular Pricing

Member Pricing